Tax Planning by CPAs

When it comes to taxes most people call a tax preparer once a year to analyze their receipts and documents and wait for the final outcome of either paying more taxes or getting a refund. But did you know that careful tax planning throughout the year can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in taxes owed?

Tax planning is the strategy of finding ways to minimize tax liabilities while maximizing cash flow and savings. An experienced tax planner knows the tax laws well and will look for new opportunities to reduce their client's tax liability in existing tax law and from recently adopted tax laws.

Tax Planning Options

  • Business Tax Planning

    For business owners and organizations, good tax planning starts with thorough and accurate accounting of the business's financial activity and cash flow. Once the company's finances are stable and growing, a professional CPA can recommend tax-saving investments.

  • Personal Tax Planning

    Tax planning is not just for businesses and large organizations. Middle to upper income Individuals and families should also incorporate careful tax planning throughout the year. An accountant and  tax professional can suggest many ways to reduce your final tax obligation.

  • Professional Tax Planners

    Hiring a professional tax planner can be well worth the cost of the service. Gruters CPA, an accountant sarasota Florida firm, has been helping businesses and individuals in Florida reduce their tax obligations for many years. Contact them to see how much you can save.